About Us

Hi everyone!! I'm Ally Cathcart. I started Maren Louise Boutique (named after my daughter) when she was just one month old. I was so sick of maternity clothes, did not fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and I needed items that were going to make me feel confident in my newly postpartum body. I fell in love with the experience and uniqueness of shopping for boutique clothing, and long story longer (as my husband would say), I started my own online boutique!!!

We offer clothing that is comfortable, flattering, and trendy with the postpartum mom in mind, but that can certainly be worn for years after. We also carry some unique accessories! We hope you love our little boutique and if you have any questions, concerns or requests, please feel free to email us at info@marenlouise.com!!

Thanks for stopping by!

♥️ Ally + Maren